The peaceful warrior:

The following precepts are combined from various "Warrior Mind" philosophies reflecting
that the Martial Arts, literally meaning: ...the "Art of War," truly represent ...the "Art of Peace"

  • A Warrior is the epitome of controlled compassion and violence
  • A Warrior speaks from the pure heart and mind, transcending ego
  • A Warrior is one of great discipline without the luxury for excuses
  • A Warrior recognizes the differences between meaningful and trivial
  • A Warrior is of few words, refraining from speaking without reason
  • A Warrior can never afford fear, but live in poverty of fear
  • A Warrior learns to defend before the attack
  • A Warrior continues to develop the skills of his trade without end
  • A Warrior seeks unity of mind, body and spirit
  • A Warrior understands the merits of compassion
  • A Warrior strives to flow as one with all things, regardless of nature
  • A Warrior seeks truth within himself, his adversaries and the world
  • A Warrior is like water taking the shape of its container
  • A Warrior knows pain, sadness, solitude and joy
  • A Warrior once a Warrior will always be a Warrior
  • A Warrior's profession is War... A Warrior's product is Peace