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Dojo Rules and Etiquette:


As senior karateka, the Sensei and the Yudansha (Black Belts) must be shown respect and be called by their respective titles by all junior grades.


Aid your progress by always co-operating with your instructor. Extend this co-operation to your fellow students by helping them generously and offering advice if you spot errors in technique or manners, while also accepting their advice and assistance in a positive manner - be careful not to be a 'know all'...


Listen to your instructor while he/she is correcting your faults. Never interrupt the instructor while he/she is explaining something. Never walk in between the instructor and another student while he is explaining something or talking to the other student. Only ask as a last resort - first establish whether you are supposed to know the answer to the question and could possibly be wasting other students' time.


Always be courteous and friendly towards the instructor and your fellow students.


Always sit with crossed legs in the dojo while your instructor is explaining something and you have to sit down.


This serves as a way of greeting and showing respect to the Dojo, the instructor and the fellow students. Bow whenever moving onto or off from the floor.


Classes begin and end with a short meditation in the "seiza" or seated position. The objective is to relax and clear the mind to improve reflexes and to review and absorb your training. It has no religious connotation and could be compared to sitting in a quiet spot next to the sea to recreate the mind.


Always arrive on time for class. If, due to circumstances beyond your control you are late, excuse yourself as you enter the Dojo.


Always train with a clean uniform and see that your body is clean as well (especially if you have worked in the garden before class). See that your nails and toenails are kept short and clean and always remove all jewelry before class. Preferrably Male students wear no T-shirts underneath the uniform.
Female students wear either a PURE WHITE or BLACK T-shirt or leotard underneath the uniform. All students are to tidy their hair in such a manner that it looks neat and is no threat to the members' safety. Long hair should be tied down with an elastic ribbon.


Consider your fellow students by taking care of body odor, dirty hands, nails and halitosis.


Always treat the apparatus in the Dojo with respect and replace it neatly after use.


No smoking is allowed in the dojo at any time.


NEVER train after using alcohol.


Swearing and bad language do not belong in the dojo, as Karate Do is a way of building self-discipline and humility.


Everyone, without exception, removes their shoes on entering the Dojo. This is a useful tradition, which reduces wear and dirt on the training areas.


A clean, white uniform with only the official OGKK badge is allowed.


Check the notice board regularly for new notices and make a note of future fixtures such as gashukus, gradings, etc. in order to ensure you can attend, and bring the necessary items like membership books for signature, fees, etc. when required.


Everyone knows his own physical condition. Do not try and do the impossible. If you feel you cannot cope, move to the back of the class, kneel and rest until you can continue. If you have an injury, please inform the instructor before the class.


Pay your fees promptly to enable the instructor to meet his overheads like rent, salary and other expenses. Remember to renew your annual affiliation fees promptly.


Always attend class with a positive attitude. Karate is very repetitive, but one can always learn something new!

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