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Gekki Sai Dai Ni - Attack and Destroy, Introduction Kata No. 2:

Gekki Sai Dai Ichi
The format of this kata is very similar to Gekki Sai Dai Ichi, however some advanced techniques and timing are included. Hiki uke (open hand grasping block), Tora Guchi uke (circular block) and neko ashi dachi (cat stance) are the additional techniques in the kata.

In Gekki Sai Dai Ichi full power and speed was utilized, however in Gekki Sai Dai Ni the concept of 'muchimi' (a heavy, sticking but flowing action) is introduced in the hiki and tora guchi uke's. 'Muchimi' requires stances with a lower centre of gravity, hence neko ashi dachi.

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