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"Heishu"-Kata and "Kaishu"-Kata Explanation between the types of Kata
Kata, Bunkai and Kumite Explanation about the Parts of Karate
Sanchin Three Battles
Tensho Rotating Palms
Gekki Sai Dai Ichi Attack and Destroy, Introduction Kata No. 1
Gekki Sai Dai Ni Attack and Destroy, Introduction Kata No. 2
Saifa To Smash and Tear to Pieces
Seiyunchin To Grasp and Unbalance
Shisochin "Four Gates" or "Four Directions of Conflict"
Sanseiru 36 Hands
Seipai 18 Hands
Kururunfa Holding Ground
Seisan 13 Hands
Suparinpei (Pechurin) 108 Hands

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