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Kururunfa - Holding on Long and Striking Suddenly:

Gekki Sai Dai Ichi
Kururunfa epitomizes the ideals of Go-"hard and Ju-"soft". Again the use of taisabaki, joint locking and breaking techniques are prominent within this quick and fast kata.

Its techniques are based on Chinese Praying Mantis style. The initial idea was to have a "counter-style" against other "Traditional Shaolin-type styles" where each kata could be considered as a representative of such particular "style" (or expression of certain strategy in fighting).

Many open handed techniques could either be interpreted as a joint lock or a block, and depending on the circumstances could be used as both. The use of the hips to aid some hand techniques enhances both the power and effect of the technique.

Stance transitions are quick and explosive while the hands techniques are employed using "muchimi" or a heavy, sticky movement. As in the other kata of Goju-Ryu, it is quite evident that grappling and close-quartered fighting is the favoured fighting style.

The same kanji is found in Saifa. Again, this would suggest a strong emphasis on grappling. Where most other styles' Kata concentrate on "block/punch", it is obvious from the unique techniques that this is not the case with Goju-Ryu.

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