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Shisochin - "Four Gates" or "Four Directions of Conflict":

Again like Seiyunchin kata, close range techniques are used throughout this kata. Rapid whipping techniques are blended in with those requiring 'muchimi'. Joint locks and breaks are a feature of Shisochin kata. You can see the Chinese influence in this kata as there are only four (4) closed hand techniques in this kata with all the rest open hand techniques.

Shisochin emphasizes the power of Goju-Ryu, the hard and the soft, and integrates it into one. It is a switch between long distance combat (Shotei zuki-palm punch) and close quarter combat (Nukite - or knife hand - and armlocks).

The "Four Directions" can also represent the four elements represented in Chinese medicine (Acupuncture is one) of Wood, Fire, Metal and Water with man representing Earth. Since this was the science and culture of that period in China when Higaonna and Miyagi both studied in Fuzhou, it would be a great oversight to discount this aspect as a very probable explanation of the Kata's name and martial intent.

Chojun Miyagi called Shisochin his favorite kata when he was getting old, as he believed it to be best suited to his body type at that time.

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